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Freddie Archery – KTB Carbon Nomad Bow Steeped in tradition and history of Korean craftsmen over the millennium, these traditional bows are individually hand crafted. Each bow is a masterpiece and is stamped with an official seal. These bows can be shot right and left handed. The KTB has a traditional wrapped finish. The wrap will help keeping the limbs from being dented or scratched. This bow is a spin-off of the Kaya KTB bow, although that the manufacturer remained the same. It is made of carbon. Normal shooting distance: 145m Maximum shooting distance: 400m approx Nomad KTB Specifications: Length: 48″, 50″, 53″ Draw Weight: 30#, 35#, 40#, 45#, 50# and 55# @ 31″ String Material: Fast Flight String Type : RH or LH String Included Material: Carbon